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About Burning Out Won't Get You There

Busyness, judgment, resistance to change, fear of admitting failure – do changemakers have to suffer to reduce world suffering? Or is there a way to avoid burnout?

Leaders and changemakers dedicated to pursuing social change are often the first ones to experience burnout. Those committed to taking care of everyone and everything tend to neglect themselves and hit the wall, time after time.

Davida Ginter’s book sheds light on the growing phenomenon of burnout and its root causes. She has interviewed changemakers and social change experts from around the world about their personal experiences on entrepreneurship, leadership, and mindfulness, and she offers comprehensive guidance, approaches, and tools to help cultivate personal and social wellbeing.

Leigh Ann Davis
Social Worker
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“After a few pages into this book, I was in tears because I was desperate for someone in the field to come alongside and really understand and articulate the seemingly insurmountable struggles we face as “changemakers” in the fight for social justice. I could not put it down once I started reading it, as I listened to one story after another, of others trying to keep their visions alive. I believe this book can start a national/international conversation on this topic and give it the credibility it so deserves.”
Sean Percival
Investor, Entrepreneur, Author
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“For the many startup founders, entrepreneurs and other passionate people burn out is a real and serious risk. So I found this book to be a great resource and guide to identifying and managing burnout. I also enjoyed hearing so many stories from business leaders who shared their own experiences. Thanks, Davida, for putting together such a nice resource here and I highly recommend checking this book out if you're finding yourself at the point of burnout.”
Susan Goodkind Wideman
Attorney, Consultant, Business coach
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"Burnout is real, especially to those of us who have experienced it first hand. This well written and helpful book explains the phenomena and explores the problem from a variety of perspectives. Whether you are experiencing burnout or concerned about helping others prevent burnout there are actionable ideas and insights throughout. I highly recommend this book.”
Annicken R. Day
Founder of Corporate Spring, Author
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“This is an important and well written book about the traps we so easily go into as passionate changemakers; whether it is to drive social change, corporate change, entrepreneurship or even just living life in a world in constant change. Davida Ginter tells stories and gives examples that are both relatable and serve as important reminders of how quickly we can find ourselves in a bad place, in spite of all our good intentions, if we don't make sure to take care of ourselves along the way. This is a book many people will find great value in reading; for some it may serve as a wake-up call; for others it may feel like a loving nudge in the right direction."