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Founders and Entrepreneurs

You’ve hustled and grind, dreamed it and executed your vision, grown a business venture from an idea into a company…
But now – how do you protect yourself from hitting the wall of BURNOUT?

Here’s the truth:

When you get burnt out – your business gets into the risk of survival mode.

We know that founders and entrepreneurs are more prone to burnout:

But the stressors will not just disappear.
The way to avoid burnout is to learn to navigate through stress, develop resilience, and practice those skills daily.

The good news?

You don’t have to do it alone.
Or start meditating.
Or go on vacation every time you’re overwhelmed.

Introducing The founder's Life Belt:

Going proactive about burnout prevention

The Founder’s Life Belt is a personal program, tailored to your needs. 

It focuses on mapping your stressors and mental challenges, equipping you with tools and capacities to tackle burnout ahead of time, and setting wellbeing OKRs.

The best part?
You get continuous support and assistance from a burnout prevention expert with an entrepreneurial hands-on track record.

Who it is for?

Startup founders
SME founders

…who work tirelessly on their startup/business endeavor and care about setting boundaries and guard themselves against hitting the wall of burnout.

Tell me more

Register for one of the below programs and receive:

  • Preliminary session: Setting up the ground, aligning expectations, diving into action
  • Fortnightly one-hour session to respond to your specific challenges and equip you with personalized tools and practices to navigate stress + track progress
  • Ongoing resources + working templates

OK, but who’s behind this program, and how do I know I can trust this person?

Meet Davida Ginter, M.Sc.

  • 3X founder (including a tech startup)
  • Burnout prevention professional with a specialization in behavior change
  • Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership
  • Regular mentor for Femtech Lab Accelerator
  • Led global teams
  • Author of the book “Burning Out Won’t Get You There”

Davida has worked hands-on with founders from:
StartupXtreme, Ashoka fellows, Joy Ventures, Femtech Lab Accelerator

She has spoken for:
EY GDS, Microsoft Reactor, Oslo Innovation Week (X3), Katapult Future Fest

Her work was featured on:
Forbes, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and multiple business podcasts


2-month program: $2,000
4-month program: $3,800
Two Co-founders, 2-month program: $3,500


You and me alike… I don’t like gurus and pretend-to-be experts either. My approach is highly practical, applicable, and on-point. We’ll dive right into the core of things

There aren’t two identical founders.
The content will be determined according to YOUR specific needs and challenges. Moreover – it will be iterated during the program – because humans aren’t static objects, and your needs might change with time.

The purpose of the program cost is to make sure you receive full attention and highly personalized curated content. But I do get it… so here’s what I offer:
Refer another founder to this program, and once they are registered – the two of you will receive a 10% discount on the full price.

Of course. I’m happy to get on a discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit. Please schedule here.

Ready to dive in?

Get in touch today:

Some Founders' Love...

“Amazing session, so practical, and I for one got so many takeaways I am going to implement straight away!”
-Tatiana Klimanova, Program Director of Femtech Lab Accelerator

“Davida’s book on burnout should be in the curriculum and part of the starting package for social entrepreneurs”
-Birgit M. Liodden, Founder of The Ocean Opportunity Lab, Global 100 People & Top10 Maritime Tech Leader

“I want to thank you for this excellent session, definitely I think it was very insightful for all of us”
-Elizabeth Torres, Talent team, EY GDS, México

“Davida, a big thank you for your session today. Such an important topic and I could really hear the relevance & impact”
-Jindy Mann, Founder of The Selfish Leader

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