Do you remember one talk that truly inspired you?
A talk that kept echoing in your mind for days and even weeks? Made you take a decision, a step, a meaningful action?

I remember several of those, affecting me powerfully. Talks that have profoundly moved the needle for me, personally and professionally.

During years of delivering talks, workshops and presentations, and of listening to ten times more talks that I attended, I know the impact that a well-crafted talk can have on your inner strength.

It’s not just inspiration; It’s not just practical advice; It’s not just good storytelling.

It’s the pivotal moment created through interaction with speakers who listen just as much as they speak.

A good speaker conveys a message.

A great speaker listens, observes, connects, and lives the message.

Let’s make your next event unforgettable, not by gimmicks,
but through meaningful and game-changing content.

A taste of session topics:

Debunking the myths around burnout

Why do we really burn out (hint: it's not the workload), why meditation is probably not the cure, and more importantly - how do we prevent burnout before hitting the wall? A talk that leaves no stone unturned

Swimming in the dark

Is emotional resilience something that one could simply develop, and what can Michael Phelps teach us about navigating the unknown? A session that dives deep into our inner capacity to face any type of adversity

Bridging the gap: Strategic wellbeing

Do you have a marketing and financial strategy? Then what about wellbeing strategy? From enterprise executives to rising business founders - everyone can benefit from setting in place a strategy to tackle wellbeing at scale, regularly

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